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    The configurable and smart Add-ons of Blacklight Consulting enable a fast, cost-effective and field-tested solution for complex process requirements.

Why reinvent the wheel?

The configurable and intelligent Add-ons of Blacklight Consulting enable a fast, costeffective and field-tested solution for complex process requirements. The consulting solutions, which are seamlessly integrated without modification into SAP, are optimized and tested on SAP ERP and S/4HANA and installed on your SAP system via a transport request.

Once imported, our experienced consultants take care of the customizing, parameterization and configuration of the reusable Add-ons. After successful implementation, your key users are trained and the application is put into production. Our developers provide help in further individualization and adaptation to your requirements. The success of our solutions is confirmed by our numerous customers and also reflects the cooperation with SAP ACS in the area of Add-ons. Our field-tested self-billing monitor is offered exclusively via the ACS portfolio.

Among the most popular Add-ons of Blacklight Consulting are the amortization solution AMO, the phase in / phase out solution ANS and the self-billing monitor GSM. Below you will find more detailed information about each respective best practice Add-on.

Amortization AMO

Blacklight Amortization enables an efficient and simple administration of amortization agreements in the area of sales. In practice, customers often contribute to the internal costs, e.g. for development and machine acquisition, via a limited surcharge on the price of the parts. The various agreements are stored in SAP and the current status of amortization can be checked using AMO evaluation.

Among the highlights of the Blacklight amortization are:
  • Central dashboard
  • An intuitive interface
  • Configurable selection options and display
  • The maintenance of agreements is possible at various levels, including material, material group and article group/classification
  • Maintenance of one or more conditions within an amortization agreement with SD condition types
  • Jumps to article groups, master data, etc.
  • Display and evaluation of the current amortization values based on SD billing documents

Phase in / phase out solution ANS

The Blacklight phase in / phase out solution supports the start-up and run-out process of materials from the sales point of view. It enables customer requirements to be distributed to the correct SD scheduling agreements and items according to configurable criteria.
The highlights of Blacklight’s phase in / phase out solution:
  • Central dashboard
  • Configurable selection options and display
  • User-specific work lists
  • Simulation of the start-up / run-out situation
  • Discontinuation control possible across scheduling agreements
  • Configuration at material, Sold-to, Ship-to or scheduling agreement level
  • Monitoring of faulty starting / stopping positions
  • Semi-automatic processing via ANS Monitor or fully automatic during IDoc-processing
  • Supported processes: Standard scheduling agreement with delivery schedules, External Agent and JIT
  • Scenarios: phase in / phase out by date, cml. qty. and residual quantity control

Self-billing monitor GSM

The Blacklight self-billing monitor replaces and enhances the functions of the SAP standard inbound monitor VSB1 and VSB1N in a user-friendly central cockpit. In addition to the standard functions, you can, for example, simulate processing without creating documents.
The highlights of the Blacklight self-billing monitor GSM:
  • Central dashboard
  • Configurable selection options and display
  • User-specific work lists
  • Visualization of unprocessed self-billing IDocs
  • Mass processing of transfers
  • Simulation of self-billing processing and display of the status before processing
  • Advanced data adaptation and error correction
  • Functionality for easy and transparent acceptance or rejection of differences

JIS-Dashboard JDB

The Blacklight JIS-Dashboard JDB enhances the functions of the SAP standard in a user-friendly frontend. With this solution, the JIS-calls can be monitored in a attractive way in real-time. The graphical capabilities of central monitoring are very limited in the SAP standard. Therefore, the dashboard was developed, to visualize the data from the SAP system in a graphically user-friendly way. The latest OData technology has been used for data exchange and the frontend has been fully implemented into FIORI.

The highlights of the Blacklight JIS-Dashboard JDB:
  • Central dashboard

  • Configurable visualization (e.g. coverage, production output or variable traffic lights)
  • Status-based configuration
  • Frontend fully developed in FIORI / Integrated in FIORI Launchpad
  • Flexible enhancement options through OData services (additional data sources possible such as MES, BDE,…)
  • No logic in frontend
  • Technically available on ECC and S/4 HANA


Together with our partners, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

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