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Blacklight Consulting implements FIORI-based solution for amortization

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) sometimes financially participate in development and machine acquisition costs. Financial compensation is often made through amortization over the part price. Different variations of amortization can be agreed upon between the OEMs and suppliers. These can be set up in SAP S/4 using the configuration app. The status of the amortization can be evaluated at any time and easily through the Amortization Analysis app – from an overview to detailed information,...

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classic JIT vs NJIT

In the context of the S/4 Transformation (Greenfield, Brownfield, or Bluefield), suppliers of JIT/JIS naturally face the question of which solution will be used to implement these processes in the future. The Classic JIT solution (JIT Inbound, JIT Outbound) has been discontinued by SAP and placed on the Simplification List. The discontinuation has occurred without a specific date so far. We have already dealt intensively with the successor solution NJIT (Next generation Just-In-Time) in...

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Blacklight Consulting extends GSM functionality

The Blacklight solution “Monitor for self-billing procedure (Sales)” has been expanded with additional functions. Since last year, the solutionhas been supporting a customer project in complying with the legal requirements for Spain (SII) that have been in effect since 2017. By simulating the of credit notes, the solution enables the checking and adjustment of the previously generated internal invoices. This approach has been verified and refined through further customer projects. In...

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Blacklight Consulting releases new version of monitor for self-billing procedure

For quite some time, the successful Blacklight solution “Monitor for Self-billing procedure (Sales)” was technically redesigned in the context of S/4 HANA. The focus was to optimize the performance and a simplification of the usability. Also, additional functionality like difference clearance for mass data and enhancement of the selection was implemented. Further, the monitor supports to be compliant with the legal requirements for spain (SII). With the solution and the simulation functionality,...

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First Go-Live of Daimler INTOsc

During September 2021, the first Go-Live within a customer project was successful. We were able to support a well-known automotive supplier to implement the needed processes within SAP, which are relevant for handling the INTOSC process. Therefore, prototypes were created on basis of the summarized JIT-call process, training documents created, and the testing phase supported. The Go-Live was handled very smooth by the customer, after it was postponed several times by the OEM. Special focus...

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Blacklight Consulting offers customer forms for S/4 HANA

The shipment processing with the module LE-TRA is still available in S/4 HANA but will not be extended further. The strategic product from SAP side is the TM (Transportation management). Based on missing functionalities and due to high complexity, both solutions are used in current projects. To be able to react on both scenarios, some of our customer forms (VDA4939 V3, shipping order) can be used in LE-TRA as well as in SAP TM. The documents are created with Adobe forms and the data determination...

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Blacklight Consulting implements FIORI-based JIS-Dashboard:

Blacklight Consulting is supporting Joyson Safety Systems by designing and implementing several JIS processes within the SAP S/4 HANA transformation. Given that, for a JIS supplier not all functionalities are already available within the nJIT (next generation Just-in-Time), the customers need to use the JIT-Inbound functionality within SAP, which was already available in ECC. Based on the already implemented JIS-Dashboard with our partner nemetris, the architecture for the S/4 HANA system...

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Blacklight Consulting develops shipping forms for SAP TM

The shipment module with SAP component LE-TRA is further available within S/4 HANA but won’t be further enhanced and is moved due to the SAP product strategy to TM (transportation management). Therefore, we have investigated this topic in an early stage and now we are able to create the most common shipping papers (e.g. VDA 4939 V3, VDA 4912 etc.) directly from SAP TM. They are realized with Adobe forms. Therefore, you will be able to fulfill the customer requirements within your S/4 transformation...

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Blacklight Consulting develops customer specific labels in EWM

Within S/4 transformation projects, Blacklight Consulting already developed the important automotive specific customer labels. The labels are created in Adobe forms and on the basis of an embedded EWM architecture. VDA Labels (Porsche, BMW, Daimler, JLR, VW, …)GALIA / Odette Labels (Renault, PSA, …) Due to the project implementations, there is already a proven set of customer labels available at Blacklight Consulting. With this set and our consulting services, there will be a significant...

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Blacklight Consulting strengthens partnership with neoimpulse

Blacklight Consulting did extend the strategic partnership with neoimpulse regarding the E2E-process integration within the supply chain. With this partnership, we can offer a much broader expertise and integration with regards to digitalization. With the deep experience of neoimpulse, we can offer real added value to our customers. neoimpulse is shaping the digitalization of the supply chain. Therefore, they offer consulting and development services for logistics, manufacturing, planning,...

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