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Blacklight Consulting extends GSM functionality

The Blacklight solution “Monitor for self-billing procedure (Sales)” has been expanded with additional functions. Since last year, the solutionhas been supporting a customer project in complying with the legal requirements for Spain (SII) that have been in effect since 2017. By simulating the of credit notes, the solution enables the checking and adjustment of the previously generated internal invoices. This approach has been verified and refined through further customer projects.

In addition, the topic of “order-related billing” has been implemented in the “Monitor for self-billing procedure (Sales)”. Since the self-billing procedure is also being used more and more in other industries, this requirement was brought to us by other customers and has already been used in several projects.

Additionally, the data adjustment, clarifying differences, selection and the performance of the credit monitor have been significantly improved.

The topic of self-billing is on the agenda for many customers and has been confirmed throughout the year by strong customer interest. Here we were again able to convince new interested parties and existing customers and carry out successful projects. If you are also interested in optimizing the self-billing process with our solution and further expert consulting on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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