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Blacklight Consulting implements FIORI-based solution for amortization

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) sometimes financially participate in development and machine acquisition costs. Financial compensation is often made through amortization over the part price.

Different variations of amortization can be agreed upon between the OEMs and suppliers.

These can be set up in SAP S/4 using the configuration app. The status of the amortization can be evaluated at any time and easily through the Amortization Analysis app – from an overview to detailed information, including jumps to various SAP documents.

With the help of the Blacklight Amortization solution, manual evaluations for tracking amortization become unnecessary. The manual effort is minimized, the potential for errors is reduced and real-time evaluation and analysis can be performed.

In addition to the ability to group individual products and business partners together, the configuration offers extensive criteria for depicting individual agreements.

The Blacklight solution “Amortization”, which has been successfully used by our customers for a long time in the GUI version, was technically set up anew in the S/4 context.

A special highlight is the graphical representation of the amortization evaluation.

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