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First Go-Live of Daimler INTOsc

During September 2021, the first Go-Live within a customer project was successful.

We were able to support a well-known automotive supplier to implement the needed processes within SAP, which are relevant for handling the INTOSC process. Therefore, prototypes were created on basis of the summarized JIT-call process, training documents created, and the testing phase supported. The Go-Live was handled very smooth by the customer, after it was postponed several times by the OEM.

Special focus was the compliance of the new delivery note structure, because deviations will led to process issues and penalties.

The consultants of Blacklight Consulting can support the requirements for the E2E process on basis of the summarized JIT-call functionality. Because of several customer projects we have deep expertise in terms of the requirements in the areas of EDI and logistics and the relevant applications within the supplier portal.

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