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nemetris and Blacklight rely on JIS reference models

For suppliers, this raises the question of which steps and tasks along the JIS process they handle via SAP and which they handle via specialized JIS systems from a third-party provider. Thomas Rukwid, Managing Director at nemetris: “There is no general answer to this question, it depends entirely on the complexity of the respective company. For some, only the logistics are affected by the sequencing. For others, vehicle modules are assembled in sequence when call-offs are received from manufacturers. And yet others even have to control upstream production processes in time with the OEM. So this is where production must also be sequenced.” To enable suppliers to define the requirements exactly and to derive the optimal process and system landscape for them, nemetris and Blacklight Consulting offer a two-day workshop. The entire JIS process will be considered – from the acceptance of delivery calloffs to the processing of orders in the shop floor and the handling of shipping to the payment process or self-billing procedure. The individual process steps and the system landscape are recorded and evaluated in detail. At the end, the component supplier receives a process and system map showing how the JIS process is best organized, where functions should be mapped centrally in the SAP system, and where a specialized JIS subsystem with deep integration in production and logistics is the better choice. In developing this big picture, nemetris and Blacklight Consulting use their many years of project expertise and joint JIS reference models, in which optimal combinations of SAP ERP, the JIS module from SAP and a supplementary JIS system are considered. Thomas Rukwid: “After our workshop, the companies are able to set up a JIS process and map it on the system side that fits them perfectly. Of course, we are also happy to provide support in this task”.


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